Lastovo Island: Kremina Bay and Luka Zaklopatica

Lastovo Island:

The warship bunker
The warship bunker

Kremina Bay:

Another very interesting bay where we have anchored just around the corner from where a massive warship bunker is. It was built during Communist times by General Tito, to hide war ships in. It is now used by yachts as a save mooring. Very eerie but impressive. This one was particularly big. We have often seen some that was smaller in size on the other islands. It makes for a perfect spot to hide away from stormy weather. the Customs Police visited us to check our boat and personal documents while at anchor. They are just the friendliest people in customs I have met so far! The whole process (checking on line with a slow internet connections and update all the info on their data base etc.) took a while and we had a bit of a chat to them. They gave us the detail about the back ground of the bunker and suggested to go and check it out. Johann tried to walk there, and later on came back to fetch me to explore it with the dinghy. It is impressive! I wish we have known about it! It would be awesome to spend a night in there! Maybe one day with Scolamanzi II ?

Luka Zaklopatica:

The lovely bay of Zaklopatica
The lovely bay of Zaklopatica

A lovely bay on the Island of Lastovo. We found a place at the dock of Konoba Triton (A konoba is a small family-owned restaurant, often with a very limited menu, but the service is mostly very personal and home cooking is always fabulous!)
It is a very cosy little bay, sheltered off from the ocean by a small island at the entrance of the bay, leaving it with only two smaller entrances. The wind was picking up – as it does this time of year (June) around midday. We were just too happy to get a spot, and being helped with the docking by the owner, his very handsome son a few of the locals that has been rounded up. One thing about a catemaran, is that it does make life slightly difficult as soon as there is a cross wind while docking!

Being under the impression that the dock will be free if you eat at the restaurant, we were set to go out for dinner! A lovely view from the table in the restaurant was to die for – looking right onto our boat and out over the bay. The food was delicious – freshly caught fish on the BBQ! Tell you what – I would not bother ordering the ugly looking Scorpion fish again – not all that tasty and the texture reminds me of tropical fish. Anyway – the local wine and all the other food were splendid!

It is only a small village (I have not seen a shop of any sorts around?) with about 8 konobas in the bay – all with their own docks. The rest of the town is made up of holiday dwellings – apparently most of them is built illegally. An early morning walk around town provided a wonderful view from the roof of the several unfinished houses. There is only one road going all the way around with small steps leading to the sea through every konoba and in between houses.
While we were getting ready to leave the next morning, it was so cute to see the restaurant offering nice steaming coffee and pastries for breakfast to the charter boats. I tried to avoid eye contact with the lovely old breakfast lady – last night’s bill still in mind… The bill had a little surprise built in for us …The docking was extra! 200kn extra! Luckily we had a litre of wine and hence in a very pleasant mood! 🙂

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