Hvar Island … and the City of Hvar

Hvar Panoramic
Hvar Panoramic

As I am typing this blog, we are about to enter Hvar for the third time! I will never get enough of Hvar! Again – it is just one of those places that carries so much history on it’s shoulders that it is almost an insult to try and describe the place in a few sentences!

Arriving there was just breath taking. On the one side of the harbour is a long waterfront promenade strip, bordered with palm trees and beautiful old limestone buildings, staggered up on the hill with their red and brown tiled roofs and white and green shutters. The promenade is a line-up of inviting restaurants and coffee shops and makes for great people watching over a coffee or beer. Yachts are docked stern to on this town dock one next to the other and often a few really big ones too. By sunset the harbour is filled by tourist boats and gulets are often rafted up to 8 deep. Mixed with super yachts and smaller charter yachts.

The one outstanding character of the islands on the Croatian coast is that they are very steep to and even the smallest bays or harbours provides deep enough waters for even the really big super yachts.
Hvar has a lot to offer to tourist and is one of the most popular islands of Croatia. The walk up to the fortress Fortica (Spanjola ) is a must. The fortress is the first to catch your eye, right on top of the hill overlooking the town’s harbour and surrounding islands! A fabulous view will reward the effort.

The 4500 square meters Town Square in Hvar is among the most beautiful and the largest in Croatia. The unusually broad city town square is lined with beautiful buildings full of trendy shops as well as the first private theatre that was built in Europe! (Established in 1612) The Hvar theatre was on the second level of the arsenal and is amongst the 5 oldest theatres in Europe! The Bell tower is also a wonderful majestic old building just opposite from that. We picked up a mooring in the harbour and as you go into the dingy dock area, you get the feeling of a little Venice … overlooking the water, the boats, the buildings all almost on one level. ( The city was built by the Venetians and the building styles reflect this. You often see the Lion of Venice on prominent buildings.)
Hvar is also known as the Lavender Island – Rosemary is also growing wild and in abundance! Everywhere you go something Lavender will be sold and it makes for a lovely purple display and bouquet at almost every stall! Unfortunately the lavender was not in bloom while we were there.

The lavender in Hvar, the tulips in Holland and the Hydrangeas in the Azores are part of my next flower-chase-holiday!

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