The Kornati Islands : Kornat and Dugi Otok

Some background information about Kornati Islands (curtesey of
National park Kornati sizes about 220 km2 which consists of 89 islands, islets and reefs. National park Kornati was named after the biggest island in the group – Kornat. Vegetation on the islands is minimal, giving the islands a bald look, however, nature still thrives with plant life on the rocks. Crystal clear water, and uncover the all kinds of reefs, shellfish and many species of fish below the surface.

The Kornati islands were populated in prehistoric times; findings of stone hatchets at the bottom of the hill Pasinka on the islands of Kornati confirm the stated. The Kornati islands were a frequent target by invaders and thieves, from the Romans and the Venetians to the aristocracy from Zadar. Although today the Kornati islands are only populated during the summer months, old field and fishing houses spread out in secluded inlets on the Kornati islands, give away the presence of their owners. There is no electricity or fresh water springs on the islands.

Kornat and Dugi Otok

“Otok” means Island and the word gets used almost as part of the name of the island – like in Isle of Capri.
The Kornati islands are known for its natural beauty and quiet bays. It is generally quieter and less cosmopolitan than the Dalmatian Islands. The interesting almost moon-like landscapes makes Kornati and Dugi Otok unique. The contrast between the peaceful beauty and crystal clear blue water and the wild and rugged cliffs is a sight to behold.
George Bernard Shaw fell in love with the group of islands and became very poetic when he said: “On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created the Kornati islands out of tears, stars and breath.”
Very few small settlements every now and then breaks the typical limestone hills with its scares vegetation and limestone hedges just enough to make it interesting. It is a photographer’s dream! It would be nice to do it in warmer weather – I am sure the snorkelling will reveal another aspect of its beauty! We were lucky enough to have just enough sunshine to appreciate the vibrancy of the water in contrast with the white islands, but it was still chilli. We have never the less enjoy every moment with Philemon, the autopilot steering away while we were both on the fore deck soaking in the sun and the sceneries around us.

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