Murter Island

Murter at sunset in heavy weather!
Murter at sunset in heavy weather!

Murter Island:
We left the Konati islands and head for the main land as our plan to visit the Krka Waterfalls near Sibinek. Murter was a good stop in between for us in pretty threatening weather.

Murter Island is connected to the mainland by bridge and is a very popular base for tourists to go on excursion boats to the nearby Kornati National Park. We anchored in the protected bay – an easy ride on the dinghy to the town’s waterfront. The weather was still very much overcast with the odd shower and some thunderstorm clouds forming above the island.

Murter is a very lovely town. The walk through town took us all the way to one of the two large churches. It was unfortunately locked – they had a service at 7pm but we did not think it was worth a 2 hour wait. It was wonderful walking past all the old ladies in their stockings and subdued black dresses and little handbags -slowly merging from all angles of town – on their way to attend the service!

The beautifully decorated streets and coffee shops (with less beautiful coffee I dare say) and a few open air restaurants (unfortunately untested) makes it a very happy homely town. I have already eyed the restaurant on a pontoon at the waterfront for dinner! It was not meant to be this time! Sadly!

Instead we had a coffee, bought some bread and fruit (the grocery store were closed because it was late Saturday afternoon!) and later on had a beer in amongst the boats (see picture) but really needed to get back on board before a threatening thunder storm cut us off! That of cause will mean that I now have to use the tin of tuna for dinner! My tuna and wine with fresh green peppercorn risotto was not a bad improvisation at all! This was now quite serious. We need to buy something to cook! It is cold and we are craving for meat or fresh fish … any COOKED fresh protein will do!
Sitting on deck sheltered from the rain (the one massive advantage of a catamaran is its space … especially the covered deck space!) feeling sorry for the restaurants that had to gather tablecloths and cutlery in a hurry before the rains started. It is a shame that the much needed rain is costing them business! In a season that only last for 4 months, it is a big blow if they have two nights in a row of no business duo to thunder storms and rain!

As the clouds predicted – The deluge continued for quite a long time and we could only hope the weather will settle down …seeing that we only have this one opportunity left to visit the Krka waterfalls! It will be a shame to miss it due to rain!

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