Gocek and the beautiful Tomb Bay!

We left My Marina and the beautiful Ekincik Bay at about 9.30am for Gocek. For a change conditions were perfect for a great sail! – With both sails up and both engines down, 12-18knt SE wind and flat seas! The 9 knots of boat speed with no noises has almost become an alien concept in the Med! Just as you think you are in paradise with perfect weather, a nasty gust forced us (just outside of Gocek) to drop all sails in a hurry!

We really need to stock up on fresh fruit and liquids!! – Anything from milk to beer has run out! Even fuel! We were desperate for fuel and Gocek was a great choice to get that all done in no time! We did not see much of the town and did not want to waste too much time there either. There are so many beautiful inlets and bays around Gocek where nature and not retail is the main attraction that we could not wait to get away from the bright lights! Besides Tomb bay, Cleopatra’s Bay and Wall bay…we were very eager to get to Fethiye (one of our old time favourites of Turkey!)

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Tomb Bay:
As we arrived there, we immediately spotted the exact spot where we were med-moored with Flyer II about 25 years ago! Nostalgia made the choice for us. I am the mooring person and so on with the swimmers and goggles and into the water! It is about a 30 meter swim to take the rope ashore, tie it onto a rock and then get back -another 30 meters! Then there is (with a catamaran) a second mooring line to take out. By the time I get back, totally exhausted, the distance is about 240 meters of swimming with my Vibram shoes (in order to walk around on the sharp rocks while tying the lines onto the rocks or trees) I had just sat down to enjoy the view, with the ancient rock tombs above us, when the captain decided that he is not happy / comfortable with this spot and the wind direction! What the…? So in I went – undo the lines, back again…just to move to the other side of the bay and go through the same exercise again!!! I had my exercise for the day! Little did I know how much I will end up swimming, exploring and snorkeling the next day!
The water was beautiful and clear but with no fish around I found a great alternative was to look for ancient artefacts that often end up in the sea after earthquakes!
Tomb bay has a presence to it that is hard to explain. It is a wonderful and quiet. It almost feels as if you are surrounded by history and with a G&T in hand it can easily take you right back to the times of the Kings of Ancient Lycia. Johann went up early the next morning to the tombs and took the most amazing pictures of the tombs and surrounds.
The tomb is a basic chamber big enough for two or three rock beds on which the bodies of the Kings and their family or a really wealthy / famous family would be lain down and sometimes a rock altar in the middle or on the end of the chamber was added upon which gifts were left. These tombs might have been sealed off with a solid rock or sealed with a sliding stone door that ran sideways along a groove. The pigeon-hole honeycomb caves/ tombs were the tombs of the poor and less wealthy and were plain, without relief carving – they are also the oldest form of the rock-cut tombs. These tombs were usually bricked-up to a small access hole, which was then locked with a stone.
Besides the amazing rock tombs, there is also a restaurant with floating docks. One often finds small restaurants in these bays that only operate during the tourist season. This one however has something special about it! It offers haircuts and a leg shave too!! Now seriously…How many places can you drop anchor and have ancient Lycian tombs just across from you on the hill side, swimming in pristine blue water, hiking, a restaurant, and… have a haircut and get your legs shaved? That has to be special! Haha!
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