Itinerary for 2012:

The following are dates to start your planning around :

Launch Scolamanzi 17/02/2012
Spend a week or two in Trinidad for maintenance and recommissioning and a tour of the island
Depart Trinidad as soon as we have a weather window
Arrive BVI 1/3/20112 *
Depart BVI 19/3/2012 *
Arrive Bahamas 23/3/2012 *
Cruise Bahamas for 6 weeks. Flights to the various islands possible from Nassau
Depart Nassau 5/5/2012 *
Arrive Bermuda 12/5/2012 *
Depart Bermuda 18/5/2012
Arrive Azores 30/5/2012 *
Depart Azores 8/6/2012
Arrive Gibraltar 15/6/2012 *
Depart Gibraltar 19/6/2012*
Arrive Balearic Isl 21/6/2012 *
Depart Balearic Isl 30/6/2012
Arrive Turkey 15/7/2012 *
Depart Turkey to Australia end of August

* indicate international connections

These are all just estimated dates… as we now know … a date is worth nothing when you are sailing … flexibility is the magic code … as weather and fun can cause a delay in any planning!

We hope to at least get to every place we have in the itinerary … it might be for longer or shorter , sooner or later …


    Itinerary for 2010/2011:

Scolamanzi should be ready for launch end of August 2010 and then we plan to settle with Leopard for handover on the 16/9/2010.

The first 2 weeks will be spent in the Elliot Basin, Cape Town Docks to allow the trades to complete the underwater lighting, upgrades to the stainless railings, HF radio and Inmarsat FBB150 installation plus various other upgrades and additions.

During October 2010 we will be in the marina at the V+A Waterfront and as often as the Cape winter weather allows we will be out on the water getting to know our boat and all her various systems. Our navigator, Adrian Pelt will join us early in October to help us and join in our steep learning curve. Ben Zietsman, the fourth member of our crew, will join us on the 24/10/2010 which is about a week before our planned departure from Cape Town to St Helena.

Our current schedule for the next few years are:

Depart Cape Town 1/11/2010 to arrive in Trindad early December 2010. Cruise the Windward Islands December 2010 to March 2011.

Layup the boat at Peaks Yacht Services,  Chaguaramas in Trinidad from Aril 2011 to November 2011. During this eight month period we will return to Australia to attend to buisiness.

December 2011 we return to the Caribbean to commission Scolamanzi and then sail the islands till end of March 2012. I then plan to return to Australia to work April to end of July 2012. Scolamanzi will then be sailed by a delivery crew from the BVI to the Med.

End of July 2012 Henriette and I will again join the crew, probably in Turkey or Greece for a 4 month cruise in Greece and Turkey during the rest of the Med. cruising season till end October 2012. Scolamanzi will spend the European winter in a marina somewhere, awaiting our return in the European spring of 2013

Early April 2013 we will go onboard to cruise westwards taking in Greece, Croatia, Italy and Spain with the aim of departing the Med during October 2013. We will cross the Atlantic with the aim of arriving in the Carribean early December 2013, after the end of the hurricaine season.

After a short break in Granada we will depart on the final leg to Australia. The target dates are:

Panama February 2014, Marquesas April 2014,  Tahiti May 2014, Tonga July 2014, Fiji September New Caledonia October and Mackay in early November 2014.

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