Our Boat

The ORIGIN of the NAME of our boat:

ScolamanziOur boat is called “Scolamanzi” which stands for a combination of Scol as in for Scholtz or cheers and Amanzi which is the Zulu word, meaning water. This will be the third SCOLAMANZI. The little dinghy has been named “Scollie” … meaning a young mischievous boy (as they are called in the Cape Town area in South Africa)…


Over the three years we have owned Scolamanzi, we have upgraded her in many ways as we went along. Scolamanzi is surely now one of the most highly spec’d and optioned Leopard 46 produced by Robertson and Caine. This boat is now loaded with extras and custom features, specifically designed to make cruising more comfortable. In the slide show below is just a few details of Scolamanzi. (posted March 2013 )

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Cruising the world on Scolamanzi – a Leopard 4600