We made it out!

We made it out!

Many years of planning has at last came together…..our belongings have found their way by sea and air to join Scolamanzi in Cape Town…in fact…I am not sure if the last Box of belongings is going to surface!! The signs are not good…the box left Brisbane and has been sitting in Johannesburg for quite some time in customs….if it is there at all?…with only blankets, joggers (and my boots!!) and the odd kitchen stuff (and my Sushi Maker!!) in there…we keep our fingers cross for it to make it out!

The interesting part is the flight across to CT with the baggage we have…it will take a lot of charming and nice  smiles  to get it all on board ….we are “slightly” overweight and the half a ton I need to take as hand luggage will need to slip through as well….the main thing is….we have made it out!!!

By Tuesday morning 6am the “First Mate” of Scolamanzi will be sitting on the plane watching the Australia shrinking in the  wake of the plane …..

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  1. Hi guys . Got your website up , well done . Will be like following Jessica Watson last year . Best of luck , safe travelling , Tony & Vicki

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