St Helena – the great surprise of the Atlantic Ocean!!

We had a great time – between the lovely friendly people, their food and great countryside and the rich history of Napoleon’s last moments in exile here…we just had a ball. Even the Pink flaming and Anne’s Restaurant had all the beats you needed…life music and great food. The best story ever was that one of the girls’ reply to what is the fish of the day was: Crayfish!! And it was!! Very cheap and excellent!! Will never forget that!

Well St Helena…may we one day find you again on our journeys !! was well worth it!…I willnot repeat the Jacob’s ladder again..but all the rest will certainly get another chance!

5 thoughts on “St Helena – the great surprise of the Atlantic Ocean!!”

  1. Good to hear that you guys have made it that far!
    At first I thought you had gone off-course. The St Helena Island which is e few kms off Brisbane is what came to my mind. I then had to google and was happy to learn a few facts about St Helena on the Antlantic. For example:
    1.Saint Helena produces what is said to be the most expensive coffee in the world. 2.It also produces and exports Tungi Spirit, made from the fruit of the prickly or cactus pears. 3.Saint Helena is one of the few territories in the world which has never had a recorded HIV / AIDS case.
    All the best with the voyage!!!!

  2. Was feeling a little concerned being so long between updates – am so happy you are all fine. St Helena Looks like a very interesting historical place ….. how tough that would have been to climb Jacob’s Ladder!! – We struggled to climb Mt Sinai but at least that was on a winding path – glad you are having a wonderful time and looking forward to further travelling tales:-)
    Love Allan and Jan

  3. Great pics and Jacob’s ladder looks a real challenge–glad you all rose to it!! Hope the wind is kinder to you the next leg of the journey. Tight lines and full sails……..lots of love XX

  4. Fascinating and amusing ‘log’of your voyage so far, we so enjoyed reading it. Wonderful pics of St Helena – not at all as we imagined it. Best wishes for fair winds and gentle seas on the next leg of your epic journey.

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