Grenada – Spices, Fruit and Veggies of the Island

Grenada is known as “The Spice Island” for a reason! This part of Grenada was the most interesting to me! I have never seen the original plants/trees or shrubs of Spices like Turmeric, Cloves, Nutmeg, Ginger,Cinnamon, Allspice, Bay Leaf, Black Pepper and Bird Pepper before! It was quite an eye opener to see the origin of the things we take for granted in our kitchens! I have never thought of Nutmeg Ice cream and a Nutmeg Rum Punch! but it is there and absolutely amazing!
Vegetables like Callaloo, Plantains (a type of banana that needs to be cooked) , Breadfruit, Christophene (looks like a custard apple but is eaten with salt and pepper -raw!), Dasheen and Yam!
Fruits are as amazing: There are over 35 different bananas varieties – not all can be eaten raw! Although they all look like the common banana that we know! Soursop (I know – does not sound appetizing but it makes delicious ice-cream!), Passion fruit, Star fruit, French Cashew (an apple) Wax apple and Sapodilla (very, very sweet!) and all the typical tropical stuff like pawpaw, a very different lime (yellow and much smaller and a very sharp tast than the once we are used to)
We visited the Chocolate factory at the Belmont Estate and hope to go to the Nutmeg Plant when Kriegler arrives! The Cocao plant is extremely interesting and the whole process of fermenting the slimy pips to get to the beans and then the drying and roasting and all the horrible rotting smells makes the most amazing tasting dark chocolate I have ever tasted!! To Die For!!

I have taken a few pictures and hope I have the plants and spices matched correctly – please put your curser over the captions to read it all!

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