River’s Rum Distillery – Grenada

We visited one of the many Rum Distilleries of Grenada…Rivers Rum ‘up north’, near the beautiful (but treacherous) north east coast. Not far from Tivoli, not far from Lake Antoine. The place dates from 1785 (all the original cane crushers and watermill form the Scottish day’s are still there), though there may have been distilling activity there even further back…
It is the oldest rum distillery with the only working water-mill in the Caribbean produces fine organically Grenadian white rum.
We had the privilege of tasting the 72% Rum (this is classed as explosive and cannot be taken on a flight!) therefore the 69% Rivers Rum (which is just below the cut-off of 70%) can be taken along if you wish! Potent stuff! The Rum Punches (22%) is much more palatable – but I guess it is a required taste to have rum on ice!! It might take a while to grow that pallet!!

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