Making our way to Bozburun:

After the disastrous night in Knidos, the safe haven of Palamutbuku bay was short and sweet. We only got to bed after 2am and being in a routine of early mornings, we were ready to go by 8am (with the wind very variable but picked up to a sturdy 26 knots). Hugging the lee of the coast we were aiming for Datca but found Kargi Kuyo along the way to be adequate with hardly any boats around. We stayed the day and night and were just happy to catch up with more rest, sleep and chilling out!

Kuruca Buku with a lovely camping site
Kuruca Buku with a lovely camping site
Sunset in Kuruca Buku
Sunset in Kuruca Buku

The next night we spent in Kuruca Buku, still hiding from the strong winds. It is a beautiful bay with a lovely camping sight right in front of us with a lovely long beach. That was quite an interesting night … as the day goes by and the wind increasing in speed, more and more boats were packing into the bay. Some yachts really came in very late that night… you can tell by the loud voices that had to carry in the wind and big lights! A German boat arrived after 11pm that night with massive spotlights zooming in on him from just about every yacht except theirs!! He game in with a bravado that was frightening, without anyone on the bow with a light (there were two of them on board!) He showed off some pretty dangerous anchoring skills but got the job done!…. Luckily not close to where we were and without causing any damage to anyone else! It was great entertainment at least! 🙂

Datca Marina
Datca Marina


It was only a short hop of 15-20 min to Datca. The bay was very windy with the wind still in the mid 20’s. Johann did feel comfortable leaving the boat and took me to the shore to do what needs to be done in the shortest possible time! We’ve decided to only do some much needed provisioning shopping for the next 4 days before leaving for a nicer sheltered bay. The most important item on my shopping list was to get another internet data sim card.
Now there is another story! Something we did not know is possible!
Getting internet in Turkey is not that straight forward. You can get a sim card for you IPad that will last you between 7-10 days (regardless of the amount of data left). After that the authorities blocks the IMEI of the IPAD and you can never again use a data sim card in that IPad in Turkey again! When buying the first card from Turkcell, I had to fill in forms with passports etc. I was going to try Vodacom this time round hoping that they will not know about the previous sim. We did have 3 IPads on board and could swab it over if the one we have been using really is blocked. We were unsure of the facts, due to the language barrier and the interpretation of the rules that varies substantially from shop to shop!

Vodacom gave me the card, no questions ask and no passport or forms! Voila! How easy was that! We thought we’ve got the answer…. just choose Vodacom! Not quite! Like before, it only lasted about 2 weeks this time and the iPad was blocked.
We have met up with Dick and Val from the Nordhavn 55, Tai Pan in Bozburun that gave us great hope and good advice for a continuous online stay for the next 4 weeks in Turkey! (our only way to keep in touch with family and friends and business partners! Skype is our choice of phone too! So we definitely needed internet badly!) We were then told to get a little USB modem (dongle) with a sim, make a hot spot on your laptop and use all devices through that. The only problem was that I did not have a hot spot facility on my Laptop. Luckily I have a very nerdy IT cousin in Windhoek, Namibia (on the other side of the world) that could dial into my computer and download one for me and off we went! Thanks Johan Badenhorst! You’ve saved a few lives there!)

Bozburun is a small coastal town with a wonderful big bay and a small harbour, providing protection against almost any wind except a southerly. Most people arrive in Bozburun by yacht or gullet. No wonder, as Bozburun is world-famous for the construction of these wonderful wooden Turkish gullets, being built entirely still using centuries-old traditions. I have read somewhere that they are now building the biggest gullet in Bozburun of around 200 ft. Judging by the size of the construction facilities, it could very well be!

This is one of the key stops for Blue Cruises (Private Gullet Cruises). Being almost the end of season, we have noticed a few coming and less of them leaving again. We did not get to see the town. We went for a quick “hello” to Tai Pan at sunset and ended up having drinks till long after 10pm! We really enjoyed it so much and it was good to once again get familiar with everything our new boat will have! (A Nordhavn 60)

Bozburun will stick in my mind for a few different reasons other than a lovely town and the place where we met Tai Pan, Dick and Val. We have had a bit of a struggle (for the first time) getting internet reception! It became even more frustrating with the phone reception also dropping in and out!

"Tai Pan "... a Nordhavn 55... with Dick and Val
“Tai Pan “… a Nordhavn 55… with Dick and Val

Then the most horrific phone call came through probably in a brief moment of phone reception – I still get shivers thinking of the call from Dax (our son) to let us know that he has been assaulted with a hammer and was in hospital with four skull fractures! The phone signal dropped out and internet at the time was non-existing! The frustration was killing me! We were literally sailing from the one visible tower to the next! Just to get on top of this horrific happening in our lives! That is when Bozburun, I thought would come to the rescue! Unfortunately, the bay had hardly any reception either! What made it worse is that we were expecting Dax to join us in about 4 days and urgently need to re-book tickets and find out from the specialists if and when he would be able to join us at all! We realised that it was not going to happen soon and if at all, it will be much later.

The chase of a mobile modem for internet access continued relentlessly!
We left Bozburun behind with very little enjoyment and without going ashore! We were in a hurry to get to Marmaris where we can hopefully sort out our internet dilemma. There was a slim chance that we will be back again on our way back to Didim at the end of our trip. Well and so we did!!
This time round we met Bozburun and its locals! A lovely walk through town to the square and lovely tiled mosque, browsing through the few interesting shops, having a glass of wine at the waterfront restaurant and just enjoying the small town feel of Bozburun felt great! I am relieved that we left this beautiful place with fond memories this time round!

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