Buzzing MARMARIS … where the fun never stops!


This is hands-down my favourite Turkish city of all! I know Istanbul is amazing and all of that, but this place called Marmaris is pretty special and full of character!
We have felt like that 25 years ago when we first arrived here on holidays and my opinion has not changed! Confirmed!
Set against a backdrop of pine clad hills, Marmaris is a town that combines natural beauty with an astounding zest for life. Famous for its nightlife and shopping, Marmaris will not disappoint! The whole town has a presence that is just out there! The shops are massive! The biggest undercover shopping area on one level that I have ever been to! (That was before the Grand bazar in Istanbul! ) The Marmaris bazar is a must! Even if you never buy anything! It is amazing to see!

One thing about the shopping in Turkey, is that you find the best quality knock-offs and fakes in the world right here for great prices! Nothing like anything you have seen that is sold in China! As long as you know the brand names you are buying are not the real McCoy, you will enjoy your experience in the shops! You name it… you find it!! It is a shopper’s paradise, from fabulous jewellery (here you can find real diamonds and Pandora jewellery), carpets, ceramics and clothes!!! Oh my word!! The best jeans I have ever bought was here!! A shopper’s paradise!
We arrived there on a Friday and have noticed a massive bandstand right at the foreshore. That is exactly where I had to get the internet data from. Halfway through my transaction, the band started testing their sound system and almost blew us out of the shop! There was no way that I would have been able to hear what I was told. In between songs / noises we got the transaction done and I just knew … this is damaging music! …we should stay clear and minimise the damage it will cause to the eardrums!

The strip of restaurants on the other side of the town, stretching all along the harbour offered something totally different! Stylish, soft music and an amazing romantic atmosphere. Instead of the crazy fast lane of the nightlife at the bandstand we have chosen to have a romantic night at the modern Aquarium Kitchen – gorgeous food and beautiful classical life music by three young men made it an unforgettable night! (I was so surprised to see them on the street playing the next day and selling their CD!! I immediately bought one there and then!! .. I will add the name of the group as soon as I can relocate my CD!)

Back at the boat on an anchorage a good 500 meters away from the shore we could hear the pulsing music from the disco’s at LONG BEACH where the music only stops at 24:00. We went for a dingy drive by and by far the noisiest was VIP Bar, Turtle Bar (Karaoke), and Cheers and Talk of the Town (Drag Show)! But then there is BAR STREET (advertised as: The Real Party Starts here!!) Here the music goes on and on till they run out of beats at 4:00 am!
We will always go back to Marmaris whenever we are in Turkey! With or without a boat! We totally love this place! Next time I will certainly go on one of the Moonlight Cruises for a sun-downer and some belly dancing! The fun never seems to stop in Marmaris!

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